A space with desks with wifi, telephone, meeting room and conference room where students and freelancers could have their own work space surrounded by professionists to share their own experiences.

Everyone knows the saying unity is strength, but it is a union of people who do not lose their individuality, otherwise we get a crowd and, as he said Diogenes of Sinope “the crowd is the mother of tyrants”. For this reason, the individual becomes indispensable condition for the formation of a healthy community. Although it is true that the union gives strength to individuals and their ideas, it is also true that it is the individual as individuals to come up with ideas that give nourishment to the community.

In short, unity is strength, but the individual makes the difference!

This is Wikiroom, a coworking space where brilliant minds and creative driven by the enthusiasm and passion at the same time help and can compete fairly with one big common goal: to grow together.


Wikiroom is an initiative of Studiowiki, UNICOM agency that provides within its headquarters desks, wifi, telephone, meeting room and conference room thus giving the opportunity to students, workers and freelancers, smaller agencies or studies to have their own personal workspace, surrounded by professionals with whom to share their experiences and skills.


Because Wikiroom is the community of the best, or those who want to become firmly. An aggregator of talent and knowledge, an accelerator of ideas that combines into a single working environment excellence in the field of communication, digital and graphic of an entire area.